Gary Vigil

MSU People Finder App Design

For this project, I was tasked with creating a prototype for the MSU People Finder Application.

I began my process with writing a scenario to glean more insight into problems the application might be able to solve.


Bill, a senior at MSU, was working on a project with two of his classmates. The group needed to meet in Kresge to complete their presentation in time for class. They had procrastinated till the last minute to get there assignment done, so this meeting was very important.
Bill was first to arrive and was beginning to have doubts if the group would be able to pull of this presentation, because no one else had arrived to Kresge. Laura arrived just after the agreed meeting time, but the group was still waiting on their last member, Travis. Neither Bill or Laura had Travis’s contact information to reach out to him and see if he remember that the group needed to meet.
Laura got the idea to check the MSU people finder app to see if they could get a phone number and hopefully text him. The MSU people finder app had a new feature where you can see active users locations on an MSU map. Laura checked the map and could see that Travis was in the Kresge parking lot.
The group got together, and ultimately ended up with a ‘B’ because they had to rush their project to get it completed in time.

Demo of application:

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