Gary Vigil

Gamification Research Project

Gamification Research Project

For this project, I was grouped up with a few of my fellow Experience Architecture seniors and we were tasked with creating a research question and putting the research methods that we have been studying to use. Most group projects are frustrating to get equal amounts of participation between team members, but this group was fantastic to work with. We had four seniors and a junior, all focused and ready to work.

Here is the summary from our proejct:

Introduction: Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanisms and techniques in order to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.
Our research question: How does gamification influence user habits and application usage?
We investigated five apps to research our question. Our apps were Habitica, Codecademy, Forest, Duolingo, and Pacer.

Research Methods:

Heuristic Evaluation

all of the apps were competently organized and designed since the purpose of many of these apps is to encourage users to increase engagement with “real-life” tasks, all of the apps featured clear imagery that connects the digital experience with the physical
negative vs. positive reinforcement
balance between lacking in notifications and “harassing” users into engaging with the app

Gamification works better for enhancing tasks users would already do than for encouraging them to do ‘new’ tasks; Low stakes rewards for high stakes tasks trivialize them, but low stakes rewards for low stakes tasks enhance feelings of accomplishment and are seen as a fun bonus rather than a petty distraction

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