Gary Vigil

The Eagle Online

The Eagle Online, from American University, kicked off the string of American University Newspaper and Magazine website redesigns that continues to this day. American University has multiple SNworks powered websites including: The Eagle, ATV, American Way of Life Magazine, AmLit, American Word Magazine, and WVAU.

Working with The Eagle and American University staff is great because they all have a solid understanding of our content management system “Gryphon”, and there is some management overlap with their full time staff members.

This project was another of the very busy 2015 summer projects list! We kicked off in May after summer had started and The Eagle staff had an aggressive time frame of getting the new site launched before the start of the Fall 15 semester. That could have been doable but we had a full list of developments being done simultaneously, and a limited workforce. The one aspect of keeping the project on schedule that we did very well at was communication. The Eagle always provided prompt feedback, and I was able to work quickly with the designer and developer of the site to have the fastest turn around that we could manage.

The new Eagle Online Launched on October 8th, and is one of my favorite looking and structured websites that we have made at SNworks. The fonts, colors, and visual hierarchy of information strikes a good balance between modern and classic.

If your interested for more information check out the website: Eagle Online, and you can always email me at